Yes, a new game has arrived to try for free on PlayStation Plus Premium, but perhaps very few are spending time playing it.

You already know that in June last year, PS Plus was split into three levels, being these Essential, Extra and Premium. I won’t stop talking about the benefits of all three levels, but I know that, on the basis, The essential is the cheapest (and has the same as PlayStation Plus as we knew it offered) and Premium is the most expensive, offering a catalog of games for PS4, PS5 and old PlayStation consoles.

One of these benefits of PS Plus Premium is free game trials which I detail below. The fact is that A new game has arrived that offers a test, but even though it is free for subscribers at this level, it is not intended to be an illusion for the non-American community.

The game with a PS Plus Premium free trial that I think won’t get you excited

Well, as a user of Twitter Playstation size, it turns out that he appeared a new game available as a free trial on PS Plus Premium.

  • It is none other than MLB The Show 23
  • It can be played during 3 hours with testing
  • And yes, it is a very good game but the fact is that in Europe this sport does not have much appeal
  • That’s why you probably don’t want to try it, but I’ll leave you a trailer below in case you want to keep an eye on it
  • and you can unload in this link

What are PS Plus Premium Free Trials?

PlayStation Plus Premium free trials are an exclusive perk/advantage premium level, that is, the highest level of PlayStation (which in Latin America is called Deluxe). This advantage allows us try some games for a limited number of hours that PlayStation puts to the test. You can start the trial at any time and your game will be saved for when you are already playing the purchased game, but the trial will last for a limited number of hours.

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