The United States attorney general strongly denied the “unsubstantiated” comments made by Donald Trump’s lawyers that Joe Biden is behind the investigations against him

The attorney general of the United States, Merrick Garland, flatly rejected the claims made by both Donald Trump and his lawyers that Joe Biden is interfering in the investigations carried out on the former president.

Merrick Garland, who has been involved in a series of controversies since he is investigating former President Donald Trump, made it clear that President Joe Biden is not involved in anything at all, but that both the former president and his lawyers have been responsible for disseminating that message.

During an interview in which he was questioned that Trump allies have suggested that he conducts the investigations under White House surveillance. The attorney general gave his concrete answer in this regard.

“I think the president made it clear when he appointed me that he would not interfere in any way with any criminal investigation and he has stood by it. And there has been no involvement from the White House,” Garland replied.

This is the result of one of the statements made by one of Trump’s lawyers, Alina Habba, who, through a conversation with Newsmax, stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation allegedly “placed” the evidence it seized in Mar-a-Lago, during the execution of the search warrant on August 8.

“We really can’t be sure they’re following the law at any point and I think that’s the most worrying thing for all Americans right now,” Habba said.

Alina had already commented on a previous occasion that she wanted to see the images from the security cameras of the former president’s property in Mar-a-Lago after the FBI raid.

“I would love to see the images of the search published because it should be clear which individual agents carried out the FBI operation. We don’t want them to see their identities because we don’t want them to know who did that. Well, if you do it as an agent, I’m not sure you should have that right, “said the lawyer.

Regarding the civil lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General, the lawyer exclaimed that she had exceeded her authority.

“It is abundantly clear that the Attorney General’s Office has exceeded its statutory authority by meddling in transactions in which there has been absolutely no wrongdoing,” Hadda said.

Importantly, an appeals court last week sided with the Justice Department in a legal fight over classified documents seized in the court-authorized search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, ruling that the Department of Justice may use the documents in its ongoing criminal investigation.

Raymond Dearie, the special master overseeing the Mar-a-Lago document seizure, suggested by Trump himself, told the former president’s attorneys during a hearing that if they don’t argue that any of the documents were declassified, he will rule that they are classified. .

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