The actor from ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, and his partner Bronislava Gregušová, posed with baby Briana

Almost a month after the birth, Mario Cimarro shares the first photos of his daughter, Briana, in a tender photo production where, of course, he is accompanied by his partner Bronislava Gregušová.

As he has shared every step of this happy stage in his personal life, the 51-year-old Cuban actor shared the beautiful moment on his social networks.

“In your first month we will talk about your name… Briana… she has an easy time making friends due to her great friendliness. She is restless, enthusiastic, curious and observant. Her inner strength, her perseverance to achieve goals, perseverance, will and self-confidence define her as virtuous, strong and noble. She has a sophisticated, but cheerful image. And with infinite joy your dad and mom celebrate your first birthday month! …By the way, don’t pay attention to me when he spoke to you unintelligibly and in confused sounds, almost always accompanied by a big smile, the important thing is that I realize it quickly and start talking to you normally!” Cimarro wrote accompanying two photos with his daughter in arms.


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Mario Cimarro shared at the end of March that he was expecting his first baby with his partner, the Slovak model, very much in his style, poetically: “The day your name is wearing blue and silver, the soul finds itself and its beaches are flooded with seas. Brando or Briana, may your day and your name shine… may it shine among the stars!”

Actor and models took diverse and beautiful photos of the entire pregnancy process, as never before they made public the step by step. Why do we say like never? Because it is known that Cimarro has been very private all his life, especially when it comes to love.

But his fatherhood overcame him and turned him into a mirror of what was going through his heart. “Briana you will also make the days shine….and the heart of time without measure, measure itself in your light August 31, 2022 . Infinite thanks to the doctors and nurses who accompanied us at the birth and to you who sent us your love and good wishes from a distance! ”, He shared just the day the baby came into the world.

And finally this Wednesday he presented her to us in a photo production of the three of us as a family. The actor, the model and the baby live in California, in a house near the beach and spend their days like they always dreamed of.

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