The authorities of Garden Grove have set up a program aimed at providing medical services to the most needy people in this city.

Medical services will be provided by a mobile unit that will reach the places where the homeless live.

“This program is an opportunity for select doctors and nurses to go out on the streets and care for patients and provide health care to those in need,” said Kelly Bruno-Nelso, CEO of Caloptima.

A homeless young mother who was shopping at a Macy’s-type store at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row has finally moved into her own apartment.

This pilot program will last two years and was implemented in collaboration with Caloptima and Healthcare in Action, with an investment of 4 million dollars.

“We offer primary health services, mental health services, addiction services, among others, to indigent people,” said Benjamin Kaska, director of operations.

The program is designed to offer medical examinations, consultations and patient examinations. The mobile unit will visit Garden Grove, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The mobile health unit is made up of a registered nurse, a general practitioner and a social worker. A couple of assistants are transported to another unit.

“It is important for us to know that everyone needs basic medical care and that we will help dozens of homeless people,” said nurse Nicole Coye.

It is estimated that there could be up to 300 homeless people in Garden Grove.

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