Gamescom’s grand opening night live will return later this year on August 22.

As announced today, on April 6, the Opening Night Live presentation will return to Gamescom to kick off the festivities in Cologne, Germany later this year. The ceremony will take place at the end of August as usual, this time on August 22 to be precise.

As always, we can expect more announcements and reveals during the Opening Night Live presentation. Ceremony hasn’t been shy about releasing big reveals for the past few years, with perhaps the most notable reveal being the big story-based trailer for Elden Ring a few years ago.

Also keep in mind that Gamescom organizers (and host Geoff Keighley) love a good, long showcase. Some of Night Live’s opening ceremonies took place nearly three hours earlier, so if you plan to tune in for the live show, remember that you’ll have a long drive.

At this time, however, we don’t know exactly when the Gamescom Opening Night live performance will begin on August 22. What we do know is that Gamescom will open as usual a day later, on August 23, and will stay on until later that same week, August 27.

Gamescom usually arrives well after the E3 season is over, but this year there’s no more E3 to compete with. E3 2023 was officially canceled last March, but another Keighley boon, Summer Games Fest, is stepping in to fill its shoes.

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