just as it happened a few weeks agoit seems that there are new problems with the servers of FIFA 23. And it is that, according to the Twitter account @EAFIFADirectthe company is investigating reports of some people unable to log in normally to EA services.

From my personal experience, when I enter FIFA 23, I see a message that I have lost connection to EA servers. However, when i try to access the ultimate team, i can enter game mode normally and navigate through your menu. But I don’t know if other users don’t have this possibility.

Either way it seems the company is already investigating the issue. So we will wait for it to be fully resolved. But as I said, in my particular case, this error occurs when entering FIFA 23. However, when I want to access Ultimate Team, I can connect to the servers. I don’t know what the reason will be.

This is the message I see when entering FIFA 23.

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