Those who protest demand an immediate electoral advance. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

An old adage says “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” In this way, he could break away from the feeling that public opinion must give a way out of the serious political crisis which persists, despite the fact that the intensity has diminished, since the President of the Republic, To Boluartetook over the reins of government after the failed self-coup Pedro Castillo in December last year.

According to a CPI survey published by RPP News80.3% of Peruvians want general elections, both for the presidency and the Congress, introduce yourself yes or yes for this year. The figure is a considerable increase of ten percentage points from what was recorded in January when it stood at 70.9%.

In the breakdown of the result, eight out of ten citizens believe that new elections are the only alternative to end political uncertainty. And if we go into more detail: 69.4% in Lima there callao supports the advance, while 86.7% think the same inside Peru.

On the other hand, 18.1% of those questioned declared themselves against this measure.

CIC investigation.
CIC investigation.

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