Irati, one of the best Spanish films of recent months, arrives on Prime Video

I think for the first time the 3 Prime Video releases this week (May 1-7, 2023) are 3 movies and no series. The commitment of the streaming platform to bring us all kinds of content and to shape a varied catalog and as wide as possible is noticeable. And of the 3 films arriving on Prime Video this week, I prefer all three, but above all, with a Spanish surprise with a Basque flavor…

Halloween Kills – May 4, 2023

No news of the premiere in First video of Halloween: The FinaleAt least it’s finally out halloween killsthe second part of this trilogy to restart of a mythical horror saga. David Gordon Green He is again the director, but in this case he is less inspired than in the first part: everything is more brutal, more explicit and more violent, but much less surprising.

Halloween Kills is coming to Prime Video much later than expected

Even the Mother’s Day mom! – May 5, 2023

Mexican family comedy which tells us the story of a newly married couple whose relationship is in jeopardy when they decide to reunite their families – both Mexican but opposite in every way – to celebrate Mother’s Day. Of Prime Video’s three premieres this week, this is perhaps the least shockingbut javier hillsits director, is doing a good job based on its progress. If you like the genre, here is a novelty to watch with the family.

Iraq – May 5, 2023

The most ambitious film shot in Basque in history, finally comes to Prime Video just three months after its theatrical release (February 24, 2023). Irati is a fantasy and adventure film, inspired by legends circulating in the Basque Country and set in the 8th century, with top-notch special effects and constant action.

I assure you that you have never seen a film like this in Spain before, whose budget was over 4 million euros, but with a technical finish typical of Hollywood adventure films..

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