Each year, nearly half a million vehicles are sold with false mileages. Now authorities are warning that the scammers operate primarily through Facebook.

More and more vehicles are sold with false mileage. The government is flagging at least half a million cars with this fraudulent information which has cost buyers over a billion.

Studies indicate that shortages in the new car supply chain have driven a record number of consumers looking for used vehicles, driving up the normal cost.

For example, the median price of a used car is $27,000 compared to $20,000 – the range that was normal before the pandemic.

And while detectives around the country say it’s easy practice for criminals…

This seller is sending a message to buyers looking for cars in South Florida today.

Experts recommend that if you buy a vehicle online always check the seller’s profile and report any suspicious activity and remember that changing a car’s mileage is considered a federal crime.

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