After seven days of intense mobilization to find Quinton Simon, just 20 months old, the police and the FBI concluded that the baby could be dead, so from now on the matter becomes a criminal investigation aiming at Leilani Simon, mother of the minor, as a suspect.

We are sad to report that CCPD and the FBI have notified the family of Quinton Simon that we believe he is deceased. We have named his mother, Leilani Simon, as the prime suspect in his disappearance and death.”

“We know that thousands of people around the world will be heartbroken by this news and we share their pain”, indicates a message from the authorities spread on social networks.

On October 5, at 6 in the morning, was the last time the little boy was seen alive in the corral where he used to sleep.

His mother claimed that when she woke up her little boy was nowhere to be found and her fiancé, Danny Youngkin, said the same thing to the officers who questioned them at the time the family reported the child missing.

For her part, Diana McCarta, one of the nannies who usually took care of Quinton, told the police that the same day the child disappeared, around 5:30 in the morning, she received a text message informing her that she did not need to take care of him that day.

However, hours later, Billie Jo Howell, Quinton’s grandmother, wrote to ask if she had seen the little boy, because no one found him at home.

From that moment on, a joint search began between the Georgia police and a large group of FBI agents, but no clue was found to determine his whereabouts.

It should be noted that some unreliable information about the Quinton family’s reputation has begun to emerge, such as the fact that Billie Jo Howell, 45, has an extensive criminal record, which boils down to at least 18 arrests linked to crimes such as prostitution, possession of cocaine and cannabis, assault, battery, robbery, grand theft for using stolen credit cards, fraud and even driving with a suspended license.

However, the police will focus on further investigating Leilani Simon, the baby’s mother, who at 22 was described by her own father as a somewhat irresponsible girl.

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