Artist Ester Designed An Evolution For This Pokemon That Still Doesn’t Exist Today

Surely you all already know Eevee, the adorable Normal-type Pokémon that has existed since the first generation and is characterized by have multiple evolutions. Yes, it can only evolve once, but it can evolve into different types, which are different Pokémon themselves. In the first generation, there was Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon, which are Fire, Water, and Electric type respectively.

With the second generation they included Umbreon and Espeon which are Dark and Psychic types, and over time they added more as Grass, Ice and Fairy types. As of today, there are still many types that Eevee evolutions haven’t tasted, as the Kind dragon. Fortunately, the fans of the Pokémon community are already there to design what these creatures would look like themselves, and the result is incredible, so good that it could be official.

The Eevee that would evolve into a Dragon-type Pokémon

This happened Reddit where an artist called Shunixe shared his artwork, which depicts what he envisioned as a Dragon-like evolution for Eevee. I leave it below:

  • As you can see, it shows quite a different look to what we can see in other Eevee evolutions
  • It has wings on its front legs, hair on its neck, and a long tail, in addition to its large claws and spikes along its body.

What do you think of the design? It freaks me out, and I hope they end up doing something like this in Usual game. Although logically, I don’t think they’re taking a fan’s idea directly. What do you think?

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