From the organization ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’, they have sent a letter to the animation studios in which they request that only vegan food be served to the entire team and cast working on the filming of the film.

The vice president of MAP, Lisa Lange, has insisted that Ariel herself would be horrified at the idea of ​​eating her aquatic friends or if she found them served on a plate, which was the fate that Sebastian crab was about to run in the original story.

“PETA’s message to Disney It’s simple: Fish are our friends, not food,” she added.

If it goes ahead, this proposal would undoubtedly have the support of the main actress, who is vegan, and with that of Javier Bardem, who will play Triton and shares with the king of Atlantica his concern to protect the oceans from pollution and over exploitation.

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