Among Us

Among Us’s popularity is an interesting phenomenon. It was originally released in 2018 with little reach. Last year, the game suddenly developed into hype that is similar to Fortnite in 2018. Many Twitch streamers became aware of the game, which allowed it to reach even more gamers. Today it is one of the greatest games in the world.

Among Us was developed by Innersloth – a small group of people who said they didn’t expect this surprising leap in popularity. Even so, the developers have worked hard to bring updates to millions of fans around the world.

The original hype was of course a great benefit for the developers – but not without consequences. Since the ascent was quite unpredictable, a small team of developers suddenly had to do more and more work in a very short time.


Speaking to YouTuber Anthony Padilla – who spent a day with the developers – Innersloth employee Amy Liu said that after the game’s popularity exploded, she was “definitely burned out”. The whole team felt pressured to build on the sudden success, and quickly.

In the interview, Liu says:

The pressure to get things done quickly was really high. We spoke to Xbox and PlayStation from September to December. They wanted to try to bring Among Us to these platforms, which usually takes many months – half a year to a full year. We said, ‘Three months!’

At the same time there was the corona pandemic, which made it impossible to see friends and families coupled with all the work: “It was tough because we couldn’t see friends and family during all of this. Since I was so tired from work, I couldn’t even visit my family during the Covid and had to spend the holidays alone. That was definitely the hardest time.” Says Amy Liu in an interview with Anthony Padilla.

Here you can see the interview:

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