• The hotel has 168 rooms and is one of several named after the Manchester United player who spent many years in Spain with Real Madrid.

Without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best-known players in the world of football, since he himself has been in charge of making a respectable name in international football with his plays and, above all, with all his goals.

However, off the pitch, the now Manchester United player has also forged different “companies” and opportunities that generate extra money outside of his direct participation in a soccer team.

One of these sources is the Pestana CR7 Hotel, which has different buildings around the world, although this time we will only talk about the one located in Madrid, Spain, where the Portuguese star lived for a long time playing with him. Real Madrid.

This thanks to a video uploaded to the YouTube platform by Luisito Comunica, a well-known youtuber who recently visited Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotel and revealed its interior. In addition, he also spoke about its location and the prices of the venue used by millions of tourists who visit Madrid.

In the video, Luisito Comunica lets it be known that the hotel is considered a ‘four star’, something that places it as one of the most comfortable within the ranking that positions hotels not only in Spain, but throughout the world.

In addition, at the price level, the youtuber born in Mexico, let it be known that his room located in Gran Vía, in the center of Madrid, cost him $299 US dollars, being a ‘standard’ room which has 19 square meters, free Wi-Fi and It is suitable for two people.

However, this is not the only room available inside the Pestana CR7, as it revealed that there were two different types of rooms, the ‘Studio CR7’ being another of them, which is 37 square meters and has a price of $498 dollars. Americans.

Together, he let it be known that there is the best of the rooms, which has a cost per night of $600 US dollars, which is called ‘The Legend Room’, thus being one of the best that can be rented within the hotel that is located next to a Real Madrid store, something that is a point for fans of the Madrid team when Cristiano was with the white team.

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