After announcing that Aldon’s Gem is the first confirmed competitor of Survivors 2023In Save me They revealed to the second candidate that she is none other than Patricia Donoso. And we already have the first plot since one is the daughter of Ana Maria Aldondaughter of ex-wife Jose Ortega Cano and the second, he confessed to having had several meetings with the teacher while he was married and his wife was pregnant.

Donoso became one of the Mediaset characters who He visited several sets to make himself known and this is how we discovered her oral impulsiveness, her profession as a lawyer and her birthplace origins.

She lives in Miami with her husband. Charles, although in 2022 he has traveled a lot in Spain to walk on the sets and display his life of luxury and his extravagances. By the way, she confessed that her husband told her that she could do whatever she wanted and that he was going to support her.

according to reality

It won’t be her first reality show since in 2012 we could see her in daddy’s kidspresented by Lujan Arguellesin which several good children faced an earthly life in which they had to work to earn a salary.

She is a controversial woman whose A lot of things were said, like she worked in a hangout or she was a profiteer, but she is quite indifferent to such statements. Without a doubt, he is quite a character and we were able to verify it once more when he arrived at Save me talk about his signing for survivors.

“I think you didn’t execute the order well. You should have had the surgery when you got back, not before you left,” he told her. Jorge Javier Vazquez To welcome you.


She couldn’t believe Patricia was so adamant that she wouldn’t shave her head for a roast chicken. He asked him what he would bet if he was right. “To have another fuck like the one we had the other daywas his response.

“I tell you that you are going to shave, not for one maybe, but for two, yes,” insisted the host. They reminded him that Anabel Pantoja He also said he wouldn’t cut his hair and ended up swallowing his words.

“Keep in mind that you’re talking about people who have a very normal head and you’re going to bring in a person that you have no idea how I react to at times. i am very crazy“Warned the new confirmed candidate.

Adele Gonzalez I asked him how he thinks he might react to hunger. “I can be very upset or I can become very niceI can be hysterical or not, I can do a lot of things, ”he assured.

I wear Prada stuff, Dior stuff, a lot of stuffshe replied when asked how many bikinis she was going to wear. “Haute couture reaches the keys”, he laughed gemma lopez.

Bethlehem Esteban She wanted to know who was going to defend her on the set during her participation in the reality show. “I can’t tell you the names, but the people who represent everything I am deep down will stand up for me. People think Patricia Donoso is all superficial and there’s no brains inside“, he explained in front of the clone of Pilar Vidal I would give him the reason.

It is clear that he will leave us great moments.

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