The plaintiff presented a DNA test that was performed on a bottle that Julio José Iglesias, son of the Spanish singer, who resides in the United States, had used and that he dropped from his car while parking on a beach.

According to this part, the DNA test carried out concludes “undoubtedly” that Javier Sánchez and Julio José Iglesias have the same father.

But the SER network announced this week that the Supreme Court certified that Javier Sánchez is not the son of Julio Iglesias and did not admit the appeal presented by the former because the case was already tried in the past and did not produce a new decision: “no concurs the appeal interest alleged by the appellant “, and they also impose the costs of the process.

Faced with this new blow, El País shared that Sánchez assured through his lawyer, Fernando Osuna, that they are willing to continue fighting and take their case before the Constitutional Court or before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg if necessary.

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