After conquering the rom-com genre with Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Akasaka Aka turned to hardcore drama with a new manga titled Oshi no Ko. It didn’t take long for this story about the world of Japanese entertainment to wow thousands of readers around the world, and now that the first episode of his anime is finally availablethe work already aspires to become an instant classic.

Now that Oshi no Ko is on everyone’s lips thanks to the animated adaptation of Doga Kobo, many are asking the same question as the protagonists of the story. Who the hell is Aqua and Ruby’s father, what kind of relationship did he have with Ai Hoshino? manga readers we already know answers about itso if you’re curious, you’ve come to the right place.

Warning!: Next, I’ll talk about topics that are very big SPOILERS for Oshi no Ko, so if you’re not up to date with the manga, I don’t recommend reading on.

The true identity of Aquamarine and Ruby’s father, the Hoshino twins

  • Ai’s murder at the end of Oshi no Ko’s prologue is the big event that marks the true beginning of the story, and the father of the Hoshino twins becomes the motivation behind the protagonist to fully enter the world of entertainment
  • At some point in the manga, it is revealed that this mysterious character Lama Kamiki Hikaru
  • It seems he met Ai Hoshino while working together in a theater company when he was 15and at the time of establishing contact, they started dating
  • Before that, he had an extramarital affair with a woman named Airi Himekawa, and together they had an “illegitimate” son named Taiki Himekawa (who later turned out to be an extraordinary actor); This person is Aqua and Ruby’s half-brother.
  • It is still unclear if he was directly responsible for the death of his ex-girlfriendbut what is clear is that it is a cold and calculating person who seems to have an obsession with ending the lives of famous artists.
  • It’s clear that Hikaru trama algo and that he has rather shady motives, so Oshi no Ko fans are always eager to find out more about him
  • As for his physique, looks a lot like Aqua and also has starry eyes; when he shows his true self, his pupils become as dark as Ai’s or his children’s
Kamiki Hikaru

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