Now you too can feel like an agent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, as the Black Tomato company has revealed its collaboration with 007 and unveiled its James Bond-themed adventure.

This project allows people to book and be part of a globe-trotting adventure that travels to a variety of iconic Bond locations, including London, Paris, Monaco, Lake Como and Venice, and lasts a total of 12 nights, assuming book The Assignment: Europe Package.

As for what you can do at these locations, the itinerary reveals rides in the famous Bond cars, boat trips, guided tours and masterclasses in all things 007, and you can see how each location is planned here.

The problem with a travel plan like this is that it will cost you a pretty penny, more specifically £60,000 for two people. Instead, you can book your own tailor-made trip if you want to skip some of the plans in the main trip plan, although it will end up being quite expensive.


Interested in a James Bond themed holiday?

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