Near-record temperatures are expected Thursday for the tri-state area as high fire danger continues to threaten and devastate parts of New Jersey.

The high is bringing atypical sunshine and warmth for the spring season to the region through Friday, with Thursday’s highs expected to peak at 88 degrees and only slightly lower on Friday. Low humidity and windy conditions keep the fire danger high for Thursday. The risk decreases by the weekend, but for now people are advised to remain vigilant.

The red flag advisories that affected New York, New Jersey and then Connecticut have expired, but as the Garden State saw a day ago, when the National Weather Service issued just one watch, the threat of fire spreading remains significant. . Specific weather statements are in effect. Check the latest weather alerts here).

Wildfires erupted across the state this week in Brick, Howell Township and Teaneck. Another large fire started a day ago in West Milford Township along Highway 23 and Spring Lake Road. By early Thursday, it had consumed nearly 4,000 acres and was 75% contained. Road closures were due to be lifted by late afternoon and no homes were at risk.

At the same time, a wildfire consumed thousands of acres in Manchester Township. The latter saw a 200ft wall of flames, flaming embers landing miles away, and train cars full of people fleeing for shelter at a high school.

“This fire exhibited extreme fire behavior. I don’t want to be dramatic, but this was a serious situation,” said John Cecil, assistant commissioner for state parks, forests and historic sites.

Rafael Pujols with the details.

No injuries were reported, although smoke could be smelled over 10 miles away.

April is the peak month for wildfires in New Jersey, officials said. And despite its status as the most densely populated state in the country, 40% is forest. There are about 1,500 wildfires a year in New Jersey, according to the state’s Forest Fire Service. He has already seen 15 this month, according to authorities.

Although the state is not in a drought, there is no chance of rain until the weekend in the part of New Jersey where the fire is burning. The state on Wednesday banned campfires and imposed restrictions on charcoal or gas fires.

Expect temperatures to hit the mid to upper 80s on Thursday and again on Friday. Central Park is expected to hit 88 degrees on Thursday, which would tie the daily record set in 1977. Other daily temperature records could also be broken in the region. Friday is a little cooler, dipping to 86 in New York, but lower humidity means less fire threat.

We are looking at the possibility of light showers on Saturday. More rain is expected on Sunday evening and temperatures continue to be cooler. Then we have cooler temperatures and lingering showers on Monday and a strong reality check comes Tuesday, with highs expected in the 50s and 60s and partly sunny skies for most of next week.

See the 10-day weather forecast for New York below.

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