Oshi no Ko“came to stay, or that’s the impression I got after the huge impact who had the anime managed by Doga Kobo with its first episode. Honestly, I have to say that it captivated me, especially because of the ability to create from scratch a character that I found as charismatic as Ai Hoshino (I guess that’s what has the “idol” effect). In any case, it is clear that although the story is about children, this magnetism of Ai that I’m talking about even reaches cosplay.

Anime Oshi no Ko already inspires cosplays as spectacular as Ai’s

So, I leave you with the cosplay of Ai Hoshino that she made cosnekomaru:

But that this particular post doesn’t quite convince you? Well, calm down, because the cosplayer has made a whole gallery of images that you can find on her Instagram. Personally, the one I like the most is the following:

Is it good for a live-action or what? Lately it is the measuring stick that I usually use for cosplays, and the truth is that it seems to me that It conforms to absolutely everything that can be said of a cosplay on the star of B-Komachi. On the other hand, let no one doubt that soon we will also start to see a whole variety of cosplays regarding Ruby and Aqua, as these are ultimately the characters that will mark the true story of the “Oshi no Ko” anime.

Speaking of brothers, I will also remember that A few days ago I published a test in which I asked you a series of questions so that you can find out which brother you are most like.. If you are interested, you can find it in the following article:

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