this week in Survivors: No Man’s Land we saw on set, as a collaborator, Oriana Marzoli. It is assumed that this year he should have returned to Honduras as he confirmed on set before the launch of this edition. He was going to try a second time, after a first unsuccessful occasion where he took nothing and even less to give up.

But he couldn’t do it because he was inside the house of Big brother in Italy. There he spent several months without the extreme life of the survivors, but with a complicated coexistence with many ups and downs.

Carlos Sobera He welcomed him and remembered that he had been a finalist in the foreign reality show. “Obviously I came second. I didn’t win, but it’s okay, I’m the moral winner“, she assured with this humility that characterizes her.

“I think you took a much better price than being second, I think you came to Spain with a boyfriend“, told him the presenter.

Well, we’re not dating yet, but we’re almost, almost at that stage.. I’m super good, super excited,” confirmed the Venezuelan.

How unfair is this country that great talent has to emigrate to succeed?said Sobera between laughs. “You do well to recognize it because I am a super star, before in Chile and now in Italy”, admitted Oriana.

And he added that “I hadn’t even left and you were already writing to me to come here, therefore, always thank you to the Survivors for having counted on me”. “It’s not the show that wrote to you, it’s me that you missed a lot,” admitted the host.

Oriana vs. Cristina

In the Italian contest, Oriana befriended Luca Onestinithe ex of Christine Porta who was also on set. Obviously, their relationship hasn’t been good and that was evident in several confrontations that unfolded throughout the night.

His thing was from before when Oriana was the girlfriend of Ivan Gonzalez and Cristina sent messages with him. Since then, they no longer support each other and each time they can accuse one against the other.

Oriana defended her good friend Adara Molinero and he’s made it clear that he really loves what he actually does. Which is wonderful and fun.

“I try, I can’t always be objective and educated at the same time. Before I said hello and she didn’t say hello and, since you give advice, I advise you that in one of the reality TV shows where you go, they teach you about educationCristina told her.

And Oriana passed it on, assuring that she didn’t find out because she only speaks Italian. A rivalry that has not been forgotten by the public who did not hesitate to position themselves and it seems there is a favorite.

Carlos Sobera asked him to come back every Tuesday, although he decided to go and live in Italy. We will see. He certainly managed to be TT in Spain and Italy tonight and not everyone understands that.

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