It may not have been fully confirmed officially, but it seems obvious that the TOTS event will begin this Friday, April 28 in FIFA 23 because FUT Champions will change their schedule due to the event and why a group of milestones is called “FUT Champions TOTS Opening Day”. This year we’ll also be able to get Team of the Season Cards in Squad Battles and Division Rivals, and EA Sports has already clarified what we should do for that. in my own post. So here we are going to explain it to you.

FIFA 23 – TOTS in Division Rivals and Squad Battles

Division Rivals

  • In Division Rivals we can get secure TOTS cards in two ways. In the first place, the IF Player Pick we receive weekly in the Elite Division will be replaced with a red TOTS Player Pick. And there they can leave letters from all the teams of the season that have appeared so far
  • In the Milestone rewards we receive at the end of a FIFA 23 Ultimate Team season, players who finish in Division 5 or worse will receive loaned TOTS as a reward. AND if you reach division 4 or better, you will get a guaranteed red TOTS.
  • They have not yet clarified the number of TOTS cards we will get in each division and in each Milestone level, We’ll have to wait for the rewards update to find out.. We may find out with the change of season of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, this Thursday, April 27 in the morning of Spain.
  • Although they did not comment clearly, I assume that all of this content will not be transferable.
The Weekly Elite Rewards Player Pick will have red TOTS cards instead of IFs (as happens with FUT Champions).

Squad battles

  • To get rewards with ALL, you will just have to reach the money or more in the weekly ranking. But just like with Division Rivals, they haven’t clarified what we’ll receive at each specific rank. It is only from money that we will have rewards.
  • Rewards from Squad Battles will be updated for TOTS next Sunday, April 30, when the new event week begins. And they have already specified which leagues will be the guaranteed TOTS of each week.
Table that clarifies the leagues of the TOTS cards that we can get each week in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Squad Battles rewards
The order of ALL is the same for FUT Champions.

I leave you here Ligue 1 Openda POTM article. And if you want to be informed about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team news, you can join telegram broadcast channel. Cheers!

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