About to complete the Italian experience of Oriana Marzoli in the Italian version of big brother vip that same Monday evening she will know if she becomes the winner of the edition. He’s been in the house since last November, and while few people gave a dime, the truth is he slipped into the final.

She lived the experience with great intensity and became one of the great protagonists where the highlight was her relationship with Daniel deMoro and his friendship with Luca Onestini. None of them are now in the house with her.

She was not without controversy, as always when she participates in a reality show. The vagaries of their relationship stunned an audience that did not always understand it.

But she was able to overcome it all and win the sympathy of viewers who voted for her to continue in the house. Now we will see if the support is higher than that of other colleagues.

thank you message

“I wanted to dedicate these words to you because it is the least we can do in the face of all immense demonstrations of LOVE and the constant work you have done and maintained during these months of GFVIP Italia”, began the message of thanks that the Venezuelan team wanted to share.

“It is also thanks to you that ORIANA managed to fully live this wonderful experience, with so many signs of support such as, for example, the planes that you sent to her and which they cheered him up in his toughest timesthe sentence plans that made her so happy, ”they recalled of these shows of support she received during these locked months.

They also thanked her organization for the votes that helped her get saved each time she was nominated. There is now one final vote left, one that could make her the winner of the program. Of course, the support is not lacking.

“Thank you for being who you are! Love you dwarf, you’re gonna win! ,” he commented. Fani Carvajalanother regular on Mediaset’s reality TV shows.

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