A playdid everything in Wano arc, the one that has been finished in the manga for a while but in the anime has not yet adapted some of the most anticipated parts by all fans. Even so, the truth is that, above all, we have been able to meet many new characters who only continue to expand the tradition of the universe of Eiichiro Oda. Precisely, one of the most interesting in this sense is clearly King, which I’m going to talk about in depth today.


Who is really King in One Piece?

  • We know King as one of the headliners of the Beast Pirates under the orders of Kaido, one of the Yonkou. However, there is much more to discover regarding the identity of the character.
  • In reality, King’s identity comes through two key revelations: His real name is Albert and he belongs to the Lunarian family.. King’s name was given to him by Kaidou himself in recognition of his strength.after they both escaped the Punk Hazard experiments they were subjected to by the World Government.
  • The Lunar Race originated in the Red Line and are virtually extinct.. At this point, King hides his identity at all costs as he is the last (known) member of the Lunarians, along with the The World Government Pays Huge Financial Rewards to Anyone Who Gives Information on a Prospective Member’s Whereabouts. At this point, the reason why the World Government is persecuting the Lunarians is completely unknown.
king one piece alber
Alber’s true appearance, the moon behind King’s identity
  • On the other hand, what is obviously not a mystery around King is that he is absolutely gigantic. He is over 6 meters tall and has a serious and cold character most of the time which allows him to take advantage of his imposing figure.. There are few occasions when King loses his temper, but when he does, he becomes extremely aggressive in battle, as seen against Zoro.
  • Also very characteristically, King has silver hair and a dark complexion under the masktwo recurring elements among those who belong to the Lunaria tribe.

What are King’s combat abilities?

  • At first, the most striking thing about King’s power is that he is someone who clearly takes advantage of his imposing physique. It is strong, fast and extremely durable., 3 qualities that already make him a very tough opponent. But there’s obviously a lot more to what he can do in battle.
  • The most special of King’s qualities in combat is that which allows him to create fire naturally. It is a capacity innate of the members of the lunar race, and King uses it perfectly. Most of the time, we see him bolster his attacks with those same flames, but his more extreme techniques make the fire he generates even look like magma.
king one piece asasa
The flames of the Lunaria tribe accompany King wherever he is
  • Another very unique feature of King is the one that gives him the Fruta Ryu Ryu: pteranodon model. As seen in Wano, King has the ability to transform into an ancient flying dinosaur which increases his mobility exponentially and his attacks gain even more impact force. Additionally, he retains the ability to use the Lunarian Tribe’s flames, which together grant him enormous combat power.
  • Less remarkable at this point, but just as relevant, King is able to use both Observation Haki and Weapon Haki.. He also has a gigantic sword on his size which complements many of his attacks. All in all, he’s a very tough foe who more than earned the title “Headliner” of the Kaidou Beast Pirates.
  • Some of the most notable battles we see of King are those he “plays” in in Wano Country. against characters like Sanji, Marco or more specifically against Zoro.

And these are the most relevant aspects that you must consider to know who is King and what are his combat abilities. Despite the fact that he is a clearly secondary character, the truth is that he is one of the main antagonists encountered by Luffy and company during the Wano arc. While it seems hard to imagine that at some point King will become more relevant than he already has, it’s clear that his moon lineage makes him a “mystery” to explore.

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