MY.GAMES, one of Europe’s leading publishers and developers, celebrates the ninth anniversary of war robots, the video game for mobile devices created by Pixonic. The game has reached a major milestone, grossing over $750 million across all platforms and attracting over 200 million registered users. The game has grown steadily over the years and remains one of the biggest tactical action games available on the App Store and Google Play. war robots became a franchise in its own right after the announcement last year of Warbots: Frontiersits version for PC and consoles.

“We are delighted to celebrate this anniversary and to see how war robots continues to grow,” celebrated Vladimir Nikolsky, CEO of MY.GAMES. “Now it’s more than just a game, it’s a whole universe. We brought the experience of war robots to a new level with the announcement of Warbots: Frontiers, And that’s not all; Players can expect more exciting news to come soon.”

For nine years, war robots has seen significant growth and development, with regular events and updates contributing significantly to its success. Last year alone, in-game events accounted for a 9.2% increase in its DAU (daily active users), so its team is looking to repeat that success with anniversary events planned for this month. . Keeping the game constantly updated has meant the continued growth of war robots: Last year, more than 30 million players joined the game, which represents a growth of 40% compared to the previous year.

In order to deliver the best content to its players, the development team focuses on constantly improving the game and introducing innovative features. The technical section of the game is continuously improving, with important graphics and system updates. In 2022, the team started working on the most anticipated and hardest-to-implement feature: the PvE mode of war robotswhich was finally released in March 2023.

The amount of content in the game has grown significantly over the years. When first released, the game only had 5 robots and 9 weapons, which meant a total of 14 in-game items. It now has over 400 different items, including 75 robots, 12 titans, 142 weapons, and 14 maps. .

All of this helps build a strong and loyal community; More than 6 million players have played this title for more than 2 years. Over 2.5 billion games have been played and nearly 5 million fans follow the pages of war robots on YouTube and Facebook. Videos on his YouTube channel have amassed over 130 million views. “We are very proud of our players. Few mobile projects have such a strong and loyal community,” said Boris Burangulov, executive producer of War robots.


MY.GAMES, a leading European publisher and developer, announced at the end of 2022 Warbots: Frontiers for PC and consoles, a new third-person action game starring mechs and developed by Pixonic. It’s a big step for the company as it’s not just a team trying to bring this famous IP to consoles for the first time, but also giving gamers the experience of playing in the world of war robots from a new point of view. Now, the Frontiers development team is carefully studying continuous feedback from players participating in its closed beta and defining the next content. During the month of May, Warbots: Frontiers will receive a new update that will introduce the game to pilots. A new stage destruction system, new robots, weapons and abilities will come in the future.

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