Eiichiro Oda left all readers of A play with the chapter of a few weeks ago. Shanks’ incredible performance in his fight against the Kid Pirates made it clear that Le Roux remains one of the most mysterious and powerful characters in the entire series. After this event in Elbaf fans are still dying to see how Egghead’s arc continues.

However Oda-sensei has other plans for the chapter 1080. Unfortunately, the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump leak again in advance and it is already possible to read the new One Piece on many web pages on the Internet. Leaks are already taking over social media, and people were quick to say that another manga chapter is coming.

ATTENTION! Next, I will comment on the important events of One Piece Chapter 1080, so if you don’t want me to spoil it for you, you better not continue reading this news.

the return of the hero

  • One Piece Chapter 1080 shifts the focus from Egghead Island to Hachinosu, the pirate island ruled by Blackbeard
  • There it is explained that Coby manages to escape from his captivity thanks to the help of Perone (which in turn forces him to free Gecko Moria as well)
  • Meanwhile, a flashback occurs in which Blackbeard explains that one of his dreams is to turn Pirate Island into a kingdom ruled by him.and Coby would be the currency I would trade with to get it
  • However, when Coby “The Hero” reveals that he is a member of Sword, Kuzan explains that his captain’s plan will fail because the members of this division really “not belong to the Navy” and can act freely
a play
  • After that, we return to the present and see how a series of Sword marines appear on Pirate Island and begin to fight to save Coby.
  • The names of these characters are Kujaku (Tsuru’s granddaughter), the commander Hibari and rear admiral “Prince Crane”
  • And at the end came the big surprise of the chapter: Garp appears with his ship from the sky (with Helmeppo and Tashigi) and launches a COLOSSAL attack called “Galaxy Impact” Sober Hachinosu

When is One Piece Chapter 1081 released?

Normally, I would answer this question by pointing out that the next chapter of One Piece will arrive on Sunday next week, but it won’t. In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it is revealed that the manga will be on a short hiatus and that Chapter 1081 Won’t Release Until April 23rd.

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