PlayStation recently taped it and there’s some confusion surrounding it

I always say the same thing, but if I repeat it so much it’s because I really believe it: we are in the best time in history to be a fan of video games for several different reasons. From the idea that they are now much more accessible thanks to to the offer periods that exist in digital stores the fact that hardware companies are constantly innovating in terms of technology; being the latter case the one I want to focus on here. Specifically, in a new patent that could be related to the DualSense. I’ll leave you with all the details below so you can understand what exactly I’m talking about.

Does the DualSense make your hands warm or cold while you play?

  • The patent in question was detected by colleagues on the portal spit
  • This is the link to this one in case you want to take a look.
  • The point is that said patent shows a control that would be created with materials that are more temperature sensitive than the plastic the DualSense now uses
  • This maneuver would have a specific objective: make the haptic experience when gaming richer and deeper
  • How would I do? In addition to the characteristic vibration systems of the PS5 controller, this system would make It will cool or heat depending on the situation we encounter in the game
  • To put a specific situation: if we walked in a game through a frozen area, the controller would become cold, or it would heat up if we fell into a lava pit, to give a few examples
  • I leave them with an image of the patent below in case you want to see it with your own eyes

What do you think of this madness? I will be attentive to any news that will arise about this patent in order to tell you about it as soon as I know of its existence.

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