A play“has a lot of characters that people go out of their way to cosplay, and indeed Yamato is one of them. Since the “son” of Kaido the reality is that this has been a constant goal of cosplayers in the anime community, often achieving high quality portrayals. But, What would happen if an Artificial Intelligence created a cosplayer who in turn cosplayed Yamato? Well we have the answer.

This One Piece cosplay is not real, but it could perfectly fit as a single

So I leave you with the result of an experiment by ParadiseAI10760an account specializing in the creation models designed with Artificial Intelligence and, above all, with the aim of having these models cosplay:

Is there a way to more or less glimpse that this model is not that of a real person, as in the effects of water or shine on the knees/thighs, but on the face of it, I don’t think anyone would think at first that it’s an AI-made model. Well, at least my girlfriend didn’t even think about it until I told her that indeed it was created by artificial intelligence. Absolutely ridiculous what the technology is getting to at this point..

For all this, if you follow the manga “One Piece”, I remind you that All the details are already known about the release date of manga chapter 1081 (We still have a long way to go to get to anime only). If you want to know all the information about it, I leave you with an article that my colleague Miguel wrote:

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