Sunday has become one of our favorite days of the week. And not only because of the obvious weekend, resting, having a drink with friends… but also because Ed Sheeran transformed them into Sundays of subtraction (Sunday of To subtract). What does that mean?

Well, the British soloist presents his new songs acoustically every Sunday. After releasing Closed Eyes on the World, the first single he chose from his new studio album – (Subtract) with which he put an end to his pentalogy of mathematical symbols, it was the turn of his first songs: Boat and Salt Water.

Two songs without which the concept of this LP could not be understood, which we already knew was born in one of the hardest and most complicated moments for the performer. This is very clear from the presentation he makes of these issues on his social networks.

“Saltwater was written during some of the darkest nights before dawn, and the ‘what if’ that surrounds those thoughts. This was the second song Aaron and I have completed for Subtract and I really feel it. With Boat, he framed what the record was from the start” explains the English musician.

Songs that talk about depression, mental health and even suicidal thoughts as Ed Sheeran himself puts it: “Saltwater is a dark song about what the last moments of someone about to jump into the sea might be like. cold to feel free at 3 or 4 degrees It was one of the first songs I wrote for Subtract that also ended up on the English coast I think it’s a beautiful song and I hope you like it.

This will be Subtract’s second song. Before that we will listen to Boat, whose musician assures that “I was writing on the English coast, with very extreme elements in winter. Basically, it is about feeling very depressed and not knowing how to make yourself feel better, but being determined that it wasn’t going to be the end. The waves won’t break my boat. Boat is basically a song about resilience, I guess. About feeling down and how you can s I finished writing it off the coast of England which is a beautiful area but also a little cold and desolate in winter. were crashing on the shore. I thought that was a great metaphor for me, for what was going on at the time. That’s where the verse that the waves will never break my boat comes from.”

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