Fortunately, in these times, video games have become much more accessible in terms of the amount of money we have to pay to enjoy them. So much so that there currently exists lots of free titlesNot to mention those that are updated from time to time with new content without us having to invest a single euro. Something that happens, for example, with the game I want to talk about here, which is none other than Free Fire.

I’ll be blunt so as not to overthink the question: Free Fire unveiled its new weekly program. Or, in other words, the content that is coming to the battle royale starting today, April 19, until April 26. Then I leave you with the complete list of novelties so that you can have it as close as possible. Let’s bother

All the news of Free Fire from April 19 to 26

  • Friday April 21: token roulette, grenade reload
  • Saturday April 22: fat lucky
  • Tuesday April 25: magic roulette
  • Then I leave you with the infographic that those responsible for the game have published on Twitter in case you want to have all the details collected in a single image

What do you think of this week’s Free Fire news? You already know what I have to tell you next: I will be monitoring any other news announced for the battle royale in the coming days to tell you about it as soon as possible. For now, now is the time to enjoy the content coming to the game this week; although lately they are rarer than a few months ago… Don’t you think? Anyway, see you next week!

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