vertigo games e InnerspaceVR announced the upcoming release of the sequel to A Fisherman’s Tale, Another Fisherman’s Tale May 11 for PS VR2, Meta Quest 2 and on PC virtual reality platforms. To set the stage, they shared a video with footage from the game.

The video shows portions of the game narrated through commentary from the creative director, Balthazar Auxietreand the game director, Alexis Morozshowing the first steps of the second chapter, teaching some of the content and the different game systems.

This sequel was developed from the ground up and reformatted to adapt the gameplay to virtual reality technology. In this case, the player’s body will be needed to solve the challenges and puzzles with a system based on dismantling and building your own body in the game.

In this case, the players will assume the role of Nina, daughter of the previous game’s protagonist. Nina will discover with the players, through models, notes and photographs, the past of her father, as well as his childhood. Nina, discovering all of Bob’s adventures about pirates, treasures and mystical places, will recreate his adventures by immersing himself in an “imaginary world” of memory and full of fantasy.

Assuming that the player’s body is a puzzle, they will have the ability to detach themselves from remotely controllable limbs. They will be able to replace their limbs and hands with a wide variety of items to unlock abilities. And finally, control the environment, collect objects, tools that will allow you to interact in each of the levels.

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