Although it does not seem, Pamela Anderson is 55 years old.. And I say ‘it doesn’t look like it’ because the actress is like the first day. This shows all the care taken to maintain a spectacular physique to the delight of his millions of followers. But 30 years have passed since we first saw her in Baywatch’s legendary red swimsuit.there Pamela Anderson wanted to give this swimsuit the tribute it deserved.

Pamela Anderson Wears Baywatch’s Iconic Red Swimsuit

The Canadian interpreter wore this red swimsuit again Baywatch (Baywatch) thanks to the bikini firm Frankie Bikinis, who hired her to promote themselves while paying homage to the classic TV series. If there was anyone in the world who could make red bikinis popular, it was him. Pamela Anderson thanks to her character of CJ Parker in fiction.

The new photography of Pamela Anderson with the Baywatch red swimsuit

Evidently aware of how much he was going to love this tribute, Pamela Anderson shared the photo with the red swimsuit at 55 on Instagramin a joint publication with Frankie Bikinis. Who knows if this one-piece swimsuit will become popular again 30 years later, because it has all the ingredients to do so, at least among the 2.7 million followers that the actress has on the networks: “It was time. I was so excited to be able to share this with all of you. I’m horrible at keeping a secret. Time has passed very slowly… But today, after a long year, I can tell you all my ideas and tips“wrote the Canadian.

Baywatch, a series that made history

Pamela Anderson a few months ago confirmed that she continues to keep a red bikini like the one she wore at home JC Parker in the 5 seasons that the series lasted: “I wear it from time to time“, he admitted entertainment tonight. It is likely that Pamela Anderson He preferred to move away from acting, but the series made history and that’s undeniable; as long as Baywatch (2017), the film by Dwayne Johnson, was a complete success 25 years later. An entire generation grew up with these characters, and their influence continues to be felt on television today.

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