Quevedo took the initiative to officially introduce his girlfriend. Although most fans who have closely followed all the stages of the artist can already have a small idea that this young woman was his partner, especially after the Canarian singer of the moment uploaded several photographs in which he I could guess who was the author of where i want to be He decided to jump in the pool and publish for the first time a photograph in which we can clearly see who is the girl with whom he has shared his life for just over two years.

Of course, although the young couple showed the press and fans the face of the woman who fell in love with the singer, that of Gran Canaria hasn’t posted her name or tagged her on any social media following what appears to be a maneuver to try and keep her as far away from public life as possible without having to continue hiding their relationship from her fans.

Well, although Quevedo has been clear since the session vol 52 with Bizarrap he catapulted to fame he had a busy heart there were very few occasions where he spoke about his daughter beyond maintaining that he felt very happy with her and that their relationship has remained strong despite the avalanche of success.

One was on the Nude Project podcast, where he explained that unlike many young artists, despite being only 21 and having had a meteoric rise from a virtually anonymous self-produced artist to world number 1 in a few months, his relationship with his partner has overcome the vagaries of the moment and now, he and his girlfriend are still “better than before”. The alegrías and the musical successes that Pedro reaped brought them even closer.

A photo with his girlfriend of the presentation of his album

Quevedo and his girlfriend during the presentation of the artist’s album. / Instagram Quevedo.

Quevedo didn’t choose the first photo he shared of his daughter’s face at random. Everything indicates that the man from Gran Canaria wanted to show that They are a truly united couple and that in the most important moments they always accompany each other, and for this reason he published a photo of the two together during the photocall for the presentation of his album in Madrid. Without a doubt, one of the most important moments of his career to date and one of those days that never fades from the mind of any artist, no matter how long or how many records. went out.

The truth is, we love seeing them like this! Long Live Love!

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