Eight years have passed since Nacho Vidal traveled to Honduras to become one of the candidates for survivors. The famous adult film actor was one of the stars of the 2015 edition because of his controversial clashes with Fortu and Rubén López, but also because of his way of adapting to the contest.

In fact, he knew how to conquer the public, remaining in second place after Christopher Mateo. Now, as several years have passed since that edition, Nacho has confessed for the first time one of the biggest kept secrets of reality: there is a secret island just 200 meters from the beaches we know.

Nacho, in an interview for TikTok’s @momentsprohect, recounted the cheating he did during his time in the contest. And it is that Nacho knew how and when to get to a nearby island full of food.

“No one knows,” the actor begins by saying, after confessing to molding his body shape with the clothes he had on so the show crew wouldn’t notice his absence. “I took the lanterns that could be put under water and went to an island that was next to it, which they called the forbidden island because it was protected and couldn’t be stepped on by beings. humans”continued to explain.

A story that seems taken from an action movie

Nacho explained that he had gone to sea in the middle of the night to go to this paradise. I swam about 200 meters to reach the site. A place full of barracudas and huge crabs – a true eating paradise!

“When it was raining all the bugs would come out. I would take the jacket and put it on like a bag and when I got to the island I would catch the bugs”, continued to explain. Nacho took them to the island where the program was recorded. But, of course, we couldn’t see him when he returned.

“I had to stay in the sea floating for an hour until (the cameraman) left,” he said. Without a doubt, a story that Nacho had never revealed. Has another contestant in the show’s history done it?

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