The LOS40 list is once again led by Aitana. Last Saturday, Angels from the singer soared to the skies, managing to hit No. 1 just four weeks after entering the popular radio hit chart. This is not the first time that he has managed to put one of his songs on top. However, this song, cover letter for his third studio album, earned him a record that he shares – keep an eye on the data – with Rihanna, La Oreja de Van Goh and Mecano.

Angels he became Aitana’s fifteenth number one. since he left Operation Triumph and started recording songs to have her own repertoire of songs, the Catalan kept adding hits to the LOS40 list. His first songs The bad (with Ana Guerra) and Phone – Aitana’s first solo single – was number one at the time, but many other tracks from his discography climbed positions within that chart until they reached the most sought after position of all: #1.

  1. The Bad (with Ana Guerra)

  2. Phone

  3. you will stay

  4. I feel (with Morat)

  5. I Stay (with Lola Indigo)

  6. + (with Cali and the Dandee)

  7. If You Want It (with David Bisbal)

  8. More than I bet (with Morat)

  9. 11 reasons

  10. My Love (with Zzoilo)

  11. Berlin

  12. Formentera (with Nicki Nicole)

  13. Mariposas (with sangiovanni)

  14. Do you want (with Emilia and Ptazeta)

  15. Angels

However, this course, this fifteenth number one that he crosses with Angels, gave Aitana a new status. As we said, the twenty-three-year-old artist has bonded with Rihanna, Van Gogh’s La Oreja and Mecano, becoming the Spanish soloist with the most number ones in the entire history of LOS40. And all of that was done in a span of five years, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he soon overtook those other artists who have more number ones. How is this ranking at the moment?

  1. Alexander Sanz (25)

  2. Shakira (20)

  3. Miguel Bose (19)

  4. Madonna (18) / Camilo Sesto (18)

  5. David Bisbal (16)

  6. Aitana (15) / Mecano (15) / Van Gogh’s Ear (15) / Rihanna (15)

For now, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Miguel Bosé remain the kings of the LOS40 list with twenty-five, twenty, and nineteen number ones, respectively. Now, at this rate, will Aitana become the new queen? It still needs several more to reach these numbers. But considering that the time Alpha He will bring a good handful of hits, we would not be surprised if sooner or later he manages to sneak onto the star podium and even overthrow Alejandro Sanz himself. When? Place your bets.

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