Developers Bohemia Interactive announce that fans of the recently announced sci-fi shooter can now don their spacesuits and reload their pulse rifles. The groundbreaking mix of first-person shooter and real-time strategy comes to the Steam Early Access game show today. The price of Silica is €19.99 during Early Access and will be fixed at €24.99 at the end of this period.

The game will be available for 9 and 12 months on the Steam Early Access game show. During these months, the main developer, Martin “Dram” Melichárek, plans to implement a large number of updates, improvements and features based on feedback from the gaming community.

Characteristics of silica

  • First/third person shooter with vehicles
  • 6 unique locations
  • 3 exciting game modes
  • Single and multiplayer options
  • 5 infantry classes
  • 11 different vehicles
  • 8 alien creatures
  • AI control for commander and units

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