This Monday, Nelson Granado, 70, remains in prison after denying to the police that he caused the fire at an apartment complex which displaced several people.

According to his wife of 37 years, the man has mental issues, while his son informed authorities that the incident was caused by his father, according to the police report.

Granado was seen in a straitjacket appearing in court after he allegedly set fire to apartment number one in the building at 3040 SW at 27 Lane in Miami on Saturday at around 5:25 a.m. “My husband is crazy, he’s schizophrenic, he’s bipolar, manic-depressive, and a few bad friends. We’ve lived here for eight years,” is how Dinorah Granado describes him.

The woman recounted some of what happened. “I was sleeping, I don’t know when my son said to me: ‘Mom, fire in the house, mum.’ And he took me and kicked me out.

According to the police report, Granado denied to police setting the scene on fire. All the while alleging that his wife and son conspire against him, that she betrays him, and even that mother and son have sex.

The police report says Granado said he saw his wife having lesbian sex with his niece, a woman who lives in El Salvador.

“Several times I shouted at him to go to the police, to go to the hospital, to go to the doctors,” said the woman, who in a broken voice asked: “do something , my husband wants to kill us”.

The neighbors of the place reacted to what happened. “What he is is a shameless old man I’ve known for eight or ten years. It’s crazy and shameless and he wanted to burn us all here,” said apartment complex manager Antonio Garrido.

“I still feel very nervous, a neighbor must have given me linden. I am very nervous,” says Ana Garrido, a neighbor dismayed by what happened.

Ms Granado said she repeatedly asked the authorities for help and now only wants to divorce this man as she and her son are victims of this man.

The couple’s son also remains in jail after allegedly beating the man after the fire started.

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