The TOTS event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team hasn’t even started yet, but many leaks about EA Sports FC are already surfacing. Just a few hours ago we talked about various possible ex-footballersand now it’s time to do the same because the Twitter account @nickycai2 leaked more players who could appear as new icons.

More possible leak icons for EA Sports FC

  • English Bobby Charlton.
  • the american player Mia Hamm.
  • the brazilian Zico, although in his case it seems less clear than in the rest. He says he has a good chance of becoming Icon in EA Sports FC, but he doesn’t confirm it.

Mia Hamm is the second former player to be leaked as a possible addition to FIFA 23. And just like Zico and Bobby Charlton, have never appeared in Ultimate Team. It therefore seems difficult to guess how they could be represented in the video game, if they would be more or less interesting for the gameplay.

If the former footballer was an EA Sports FC icon, we would have a legend again for usa. In FIFA 23 there is none, but I guess some users will remember George Weah from other seasons of FUT. While England and Brazil have plenty of representation in the game mode.

One type of card of each Brazilian icon in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Brazil and England are already well represented in Ultimate Team, but it looks like they could increase their icon count even further.

Here you have Fantastic FUT tracking there the prediction of the next TOTW. And if you want to know when we upload content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team or EA Sports FC, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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