Prepare to strike blows, but using a plank and without using violence

I always thought the world of video games and the world of board games were kind of distant cousins. After all, many of the former are based on the mechanics of the latter. But it is also true that the latter is inspired by many video games lately to adapt them to the process of rolling dice on a board. Also; The information I want to share here has to do with this; specifically, with the new Call of Duty board game that was just officially announced.

What is Call of Duty Board Game?

  • It is a strategy game inspired by the famous video game franchise
  • It will have a design and numbers that represent the most emblematic soldiers of the entire saga
  • The game is set in 2019; specifically, during events that take place in Modern Warfare
  • I leave you with the trailer that those responsible have shared below by Youtube so you can see what it looks like

When will it be released and how much will it cost?

  • As VGC colleagues gathered, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched in late summer this year
  • Therefore, it is expected that release some time to be confirmed in 2024
  • The base price with which it is speculated is around 50 €; although there is still no official data on this

What do you think of this new crossover between the world of video games and board games? One of the latter dedicated to recreating the experience that Call of Duty offers is something I didn’t expect to see today; although I also think it sounds very good, it is also true.

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