A lady sewing inside her home on Wednesday afternoon was shocked when one of the suspects in a police chase entered through the garage She recalls looking for a police officer herself and l alerted that the man was hiding there.

The movie-like pursuit that spanned multiple areas of three South Florida counties ended with the arrest of two men, one of them at the home of Gisela Taveras, where the suspect hid.

Taveras was at his home northwest of 54th Street and 50th Avenue when he saw one of the suspects running into the garage.

“I was surprised when I saw the boy in the garage because I was here in the kitchen and then he came in through the garage door,” recalls Taveras, who says he had never had a fright like today.

As she was working on her sewing machine, one of the suspects entered her home to hide from the police. “He didn’t speak to me at all and I told him to get out of here, get out of here.”

The woman says that at one point he said to her: “pamper, pamper”, then he ran to a neighbor.

The suspect who entered the 71-year-old woman’s home first swam across a canal to enter the residential area and began running between houses.

Gisela Taveras says she “was walking by and I saw a police car and told her she was at my house.”

The man was surrounded by dozens of armed officers, who communicated with the suspect over a loudspeaker, who eventually surrendered with his hands up and in his underwear. He was then transported to a local hospital.

“I was scared, I was scared because I had never seen a boy come into my house like that wet,” notes Taveras, who still hasn’t come out of his astonishment.


Authorities say the incident began around 2 p.m. Wednesday with an armed robbery in North Miami from which they fled in a white Lexus vehicle that was later located in a neighborhood of Opa- Locka.

From there, patrol cars chased two suspects up the northbound turnpike through parts of Miami-Dade County to a Tamarac neighborhood in Broward where they were arrested.

First, one of the subjects pulled over on the highway and attempted to steal the car of a person driving behind him, but was unable to access that vehicle.

Then, in a second attempt, one of the men got out of the car and, pointing a gun, dragged his driver out of a white Tesla car.

Shortly after, authorities successfully intercepted the stolen car, which ended up colliding with police cruisers on Commercial Boulevard and from which one of the subjects began a foot chase.

The police say that this whole situation has already been brought under control and that the captured subjects no longer pose a danger to the community, at the moment the authorities are not revealing the identity of the men.

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