After almost two months apart, Wilton Gutiérrez, the boy who was caught on video just walking across the border and who cried for help from Border Patrol agents after being “abandoned,” was reunited with his mother in San Benito, Texas.

Wilton Gutiérrez left this Friday morning from the Casa Padre shelter, in Brownsville, where he had been since the beginning of April, to reunite with his mother Meylin Obregón.

The image of the Nicaraguan minor walking alone on a highway east of Rio Grande City, after, apparently, the group he was with abandoned him to his fate, he went around the world.

The child and his mother will travel to Miami, where Wilton’s uncle lives.

A harrowing plea

“I came with a group of people and they dumped me and I don’t know where they are. They dumped me,” said the minor migrant tearfully when he was found by Border Patrol agents.

“I came here to ask for help, because if not where I’m going to go, maybe they can rob me, kidnap or something, I’m afraid,” he begged the agents that day.

The Nicaraguan minor was found on the morning of April 1 walking alone along a rural caliche street near La Grulla.

“He was upset and crying after waking up to find that he was abandoned by the group of migrants he was traveling with,” the CBP spokesman said in a statement.

Wilton’s minor withdrew from requesting the repatriation of his son, so it is likely that he and his mother will settle in Miami.

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