A gang of 5 Cuban criminals was arrested by the Miami-Dade police when it was found that they were stealing the telephone and copper cables that the AT&T company installs to provide Internet and television service.
The men dressed in uniforms of AT&T and used trucks for the robberies, according to Local10.

Police identified the thieves as Iván Pérez García, 55, Eric González Pando, 24, Francisco Alberto Gutiérrez, 50, and Ermes González Pando, 43.

They were all arrested in fragants when a patrol car that was making a round through the area of ​​Homestead, belonging to Miami-Dade County, detected the theft of which they had already been following the track. The cables they had cut so far are valued at more than $30,000.

Two of these 5 thieves had already been arrested for the same robbery action and apparently they were the leaders of the gang. Now they face serious charges for property damage and the bail was set at $ 10,000, although so far no one has made that possibility effective.

Young Cuban is arrested in Miami for multiple thefts of courier packages

Last September a young Cuban named Junior Blanco, 24, was arrested in Little Havana for being responsible for the theft of courier packages.

Blanco executed hundreds of robberies and he used a blue BMW to commit the robberies in broad daylight. According to the police report, the young man, caught on several private security cameras, parked in front of the houses where a package had arrived and stole them.

In a surveillance video, it could be seen how Blanco parks, opens the gate to enter the property and takes one of the packages.

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