‘MH370: The plane that disappeared’ is the new docu-series that Netflix premiered on its platform on March 8the day when 9 years of the disappearance of the infamous Malaysia Airlines flight.

This docuseries is directed by Louise Malkinson and introduces us to the 3 theories that have been hotly debated and discussed for 9 years in search of the truthand a conclusion for the relatives of the disappeared.

Malkinson directs a smart docuseries that divided into 3 chapters in which he presents the 3 famous theories: “Pilot”, “Removal” there “The Interception”. Each chapter lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour, and they detail each of the theories in a very interesting and precise way as well as their leaders.

The director concentrates all her efforts to show all the faces involved in this mysterious and unusual disappearance, reinforcing the importance of the discussion by speaking directly with the journalists, relatives and experts who fought for 9 years to get the answers that so far, they did not get

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It’s a docuseries that goes over the events in detail with all the elements to create an atmosphere of tension, uncertainty, mystery and helplessness. Besides, contains painful images of relatives of the disappeared, including their testimonies which make us relive very hard times.

Governments lie, no matter when you read this

Wong Maye-E | Image property of: AP

Malkinson and his production team efficiently navigate the narrative of events, reaching a point that clearly makes it possible to question the whole official version of this mystery.

Governments are poorly off in this docuseries, and for good reason. In 9 years, relatives of the passengers have never received a definite answer with physical evidence of what happened to the plane, or where it is, and the remains “obtained” have been the subject of discussions in reason for all the inconsistencies in the investigation.

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The explanations and analyzes of journalists such as Jeff Sage, Florence De Changyincluding statements from aviation experts such as Mike Exner or in satellite technology like Marc Dickinson who offered data to the investigation, added to the archival material with all the meaningless press conferences of the Malaysian authorities, make this a highly enigmatic and damning docuseries, leaving the question open. Why are they lying to us?

MH370: The plane that disappeared

It is impossible that in the 21st century an airplane will simply disappear and that none of the 7 countries the ship is believed to have passed through before it crashed knows where it is, has seen it, or has ever found a single clue to its whereabouts in 9 years, and here Malkinson puts a lot of emphasis during the entire docuseries

‘MH370: The plane that disappeared’ This is a series that will fuel conspiracy theories and continue to have truth lovers talking a lot. In any case, We still have no answers and will probably never know the truth about what happened.but this docu-series serves to Let’s not forget how, for the first time in human history, an airplane disappeared without a trace.

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