The movie Super Mario Bros. is almost here, and fans are already spotting several deep references not just to Mario games, but to Nintendo’s history in general.

After the reveal of the latest Super Mario Bros. movie yesterday, fans saw various references not only to classic Mario adventures but also to recent releases. The recently launched website for Mario and Luigi’s plumbing business is also full of subtle nods to minor Nintendo characters.

As Twitter user @McTroid pointed out, references have been spotted to Super Mario 64, Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario 3D World/Land, Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Odyssey, and more. As the tweet says, “The amount of love and attention that goes into it is SO heartwarming.”

It’s not just the Mario games that Illumination wants to highlight in its movie, as mentioned above and noted by Twitter user @CartridgeGames, the “Super Mario Bros. Plumbing” website also offers nods. take a look at other Nintendo titles such as Drill!! (opens in a new tab) and child icarus (opens in a new tab). However, perhaps the most profound reference is to tampering. review on the website of a user named “Pipe_Dreamz” who praises Mario Bros. for their “awesome looking water”.

If this doesn’t sound familiar, let us remind you of the “Miiverse waterboy”, a true fan who, back in the days of the Wii U and 3DS, left mini reviews for every game he played on Nintendo’s social media platform, Miiverse, and literally praised the water quality in them. This is a niche Nintendo reference, but its inclusion in the promotion of the Super Mario Bros movie is important enough, and honestly, that’s what we’re here for.

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