Fernando Alonso all hoarded eyes on the Bahrain GP. The Asturian, with a fully-powered Aston Martin to which still He’s got a long way to go achievement the podium at the end after the Red Bull Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez. who caught the eye and the critics, of those of energy drinks and of AlphaTauri, and he also captured one of the greatest in history for ‘La Misión’: Sebastian Vettel.

The quadruple world champion, ex-Aston Martin, did not take a day to contact Mikey Brown, head of mechanics of Fernando Alonso, to show his joy and satisfaction for the result obtained by what was his team.

“Vettel got on well with everyone. He messaged me nothing finish the race, and he was very happy for us,” he said in an interview with ‘PitStop’.

“Maybe Vettel thinks it could have been him…”

In this sense, he speaks out on whether Vettel will follow Alonso’s path to end up returning to Formula 1: “I would like that to happen. He can do it. You just have to see Fernando, who At 41, he once again stood on a podium.

“You might think it could have been him, but at the same time He is happy for all of us.” talking about Sebastian.

And he continues: “It was a deserved podium. In my humble opinion, it was not a question of luck. We caught up with Mercedes, Ferrari… and we overtook them on the track.”

“When that happens, it’s normal that…”

“You can see that the AMR23 is a balanced and beautiful car. The normal thing when that happens is that it’s fast, and the times don’t lie. We had some good times in practice and we kept them in the race,” insisted Brown.

It remains to be seen whether what happened in Bahrain is repeated. As we say at Aston Martin, the car must go even better in Jeddah than in Sakhir, and watch out for racing in Australia.

Approaches Alonso’s 33rd victory in F1? Maybe…

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