LeBron James is undoubtedly, and courtesy of Kobe Bryant, the best basketball player of the 21st century. In addition, he has a charisma that leaves no one indifferent, for better or for worse, which has earned him many ‘haters’ and opponents. In this sense, his performance on the court has never been in doubt…until now.

Chael Sonnen a veteran of the Ultimate Force Championship (UFC), the most prestigious mixed martial arts company on the planet, has taken it upon himself to cast a shadow of doubt on the physical abilities of a wonder like LeBron, and has attacked the Los Angeles Lakers player accusing him of injecting himself with EPO show that muscle and demonstrate that toughness on the court at age 38

“we have the same camel, so I know exactly what is needed. EPO increases the amount of red blood cells in the blood, which gives you more stamina in the game. It’s the king of performance enhancers “Sonnen assured this week, that implicitly admitted having used the same substance with which he relates to LeBron, although in the UFC the prohibitions in this regard are relatively more lax.

In the sports world, the use of this substance is not sporadic, regardless of doping is persecuted and severely punished internationally. Without going any further, it is not necessary to leave the United States to find Lance Armstrong and his 7 Tour de Franceall invalidated since the day he admitted, in 2013, to having consumed EPO, testosterone and blood transfusions.

“They got performance enhancers, like the world understands what LeBron did. It’s like other basketball players listen to what LeBron is doing and say “yeah, it doesn’t matter…”“, coined the now-retired fighter, questioning LeBron James’ permanently high status, which has become commonplace over the years, while some still wonder how he makes it possible.

The answer can be found outside by looking at the performance of Fernando Alonso with 41 years that of Cristiano Ronaldo until recently also with 38, like LeBron. What is indisputable is that the Lakers star invests every second of every day in the care, maintenance and improvement of his body, and that his work discipline is incredible, a common denominator with the aforementioned athletes .

Even so, it is never possible to completely dispel these questions who sometimes come back to performance-enhancing drugs, a serious insinuation like that made by this former UFC fighter. Doping has always been one of the thorniest and most disappointing scourges in sport. The hidden face of an activity, of a way of life and in many cases, the most serious, of a profession, which must always be persecuted and severely punished.

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