More and more fall for the talent of red velvet. Also. Now the Spanish lovers of this K-Pop girl group are in luck, since June 1 and 8 they will take the stage at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Arganda del Rey (Madrid) and thus delight them with a unique show.

But, Who are these five girls who are causing the world a stir with their talent? Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy debuted as a group on August 1, 2014. Happiness is the title of the song with which they introduced themselves and showed that their career had only just taken off. A year later, Yeri joins the group to add her touch and conquer millions of people.

The style of our protagonists is fascinating. They hit the charts with electropop, R&B and, of course, K-Pop sounding tracks. Some of his greatest hits are Peek-A-Boo, Russian Roulette, Feel My Rhythm, Birthday y Wild side, among others. In fact, their first mini-album Ice cream cake It reached number 1 on the Gaon list, the most famous in South Korea, at the beginning of 2015. It is millions and millions of views and listens that gather their projects.

They also do not go unnoticed on social networks. More than 12 million people follow them on the group’s Instagram account, and a good part of them are Spanish speakers who have learned each of their songs perfectly. For this reason, the arrival of his live music at Primavera Sound 2023 is a good reason to rejoice for his Spanish fans, who will enjoy a unique and highly anticipated show.

The truth is that the Red Velvet girls weren’t the only K-Pop artists to be part of this well-known festival. During last year’s edition, we were able to appreciate Dream Catcher, who proved that K-Pop is quite a phenomenon. But now comes the turn of another hit band that will fill Barcelona and Madrid with unstoppable beats in one of the most important events for their Spanish fans.

And you, do you have your ticket to attend Red Velvet’s performance at Primavera Sound?

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