it’s been 25 years talk aloneand it looks like the conversation could go on for a long time yet. Ariel Rot celebrates birthday of his third solo album with a reissue of the album and a new tour in which he reunited with the original group that accompanied him in 1998 during the presentation concerts. To celebrate this anniversary, we spoke with the musician and recovered the concert with which he had presented the album to us in 1998 in the mythical Sala El Sol in Madrid that you can see on our YouTube.

“I always make records alone, but I wasn’t alone then.“, says the Argentinian musician in an interview with LOS40 classic con Javier Penedo y Andrea Sanchez. “If there is a powerful bond, it is the one that is tied with the musicians and with the people who are on the road. A very decisive moment in my life, after the rodriguesit was when I released my first solo album. They spent five years playing with this band that I’m gonna end up with“, says Rot in front of our microphones.

During his long career, within the group Tequila and later from the rodriguesthe musician and songwriter has seen how music has changed, lived all the lives rock has had and learned to appreciate his solo scene too. “Loneliness gets a bad rap, but it’s something I appreciate and it’s necessary. Don’t be afraid of it”ensures.

In LOS40 Classic, just as we proposed to Iván Ferreiro, we have offered you a playlist of seven songs that describe the different stages he has experienced in his career. He has managed to sum up in a list of highly recommended songs all the steps he has taken in the world of music. FOR The Beatlesthat he discovers at the age of 8, “a magical and very mysterious moment” while looking at the cover of rubber corethe disc that contains the first of the songs you have chosen: nowhere man.

Ariel Rot has always been very close to his Argentinian roots, and a style as personal as the rock of this country could not be missing from this list. does it with Ana is not sleepingan essential theme in the band’s career Almonda group with a “personal language far from Anglo-Saxon stereotypes”.

How could it be otherwise, a list like this could not miss some mythical names in the history of music. jimi hendrixwith whom he suffered a whole night of “fever dreams”, the rolling stoneswhich combines the most magical moment of Tequila, suitors oh Prince They are part of this very personal and evocative list from Ariel Rot.

This is just the beginning of an examination of the life and works of Ariel Rot. If you want to know his references and his influences, keep enjoying this exclusive interview.

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