First came the “tastier than ever” burger adjustments. Then the Spicy McNuggets were back. And now this.

McDonald’s will serve additional sides of its famous Big Mac sauce, in glass form, at participating restaurants across the country starting April 27, the company announced on Wednesday. And no, they had never done that before.

As the fast-food giant put it, the secret sauce “finally has its moment on our menu.”

We don’t yet know how long the Big Mac cups will be around, but McDonald’s says the only way to get the coveted side is through its app. Best of all: NO EXTRA CHARGES with any McNuggets purchase.

The salsa cups also come in old fashioned packaging.


The secret to the sauce has been revealed: Big Mac Sauce Cups are coming to McDonald’s in the United States.

The whole Big Mac story began in 1968, when an owner/operator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania had the brilliant idea of ​​putting two burgers on a sandwich. Clearly, the love for McDonald’s staple has grown over time.

And the sauce has become a thing in its own right. It became a social media frenzy when McDonald’s gave away 10,000 bottles in the United States in 2017.

Creamy, tangy, slightly sweet and perfectly drenched, as McDonald’s describes it, Big Mac Sauce can be ordered a la carte, in addition to the McNuggets offering. It goes with almost everything.

Don’t look for it on the New York State Thruway, because you won’t find McDonald’s anywhere there anymore.

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