Pedro José García lost most of his belongings in the floods

“We buy food from outside because my wife can’t cook, nothing works,” she says.

Like him, there are hundreds of families who today, after assessing the damage, have one last hope.

“We are hoping for help from FEMA.”

As of Wednesday, at least 700 homes in Fort Lauderdale have applied to receive assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for damage caused by severe flooding.

FEMA Spokesperson Alberto Pillot says:

“There are four teams here that do this assessment to get this data, and then that data goes to the state and they determine who is eligible for a major residential disaster that they call it.”

While the damage is checked, residents continue to evacuate water from dams and debris from inside their homes. Mosquitoes are now the new threat.

It is estimated that by the end of the week, FEMA teams will complete the census of the most affected homes.

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